St Augustine

The strength of soul in St Augustine contributed greatly to his enthusiasm, his continual search for truth, his affection and his devotion to duty. For him, intellect and heart always went together.; consequently love and friendship lay at thje core of his life and thought.

Augustine's mother


Spirituality of St Augustine

The spirituality that is richly expressed in St. Augustine's writings is one of warmth and of love. The heart, which artists have often portrayed Augustine holding, is a key to this spirituality. For Augustine the heart is a metaphor for all that is deepest, truest and personal in one's self. He makes frequent use of the heart to signify the affective aspect of faith in God


The Rule of St Augustine

According to present evidence, the Rule of Augustine is the oldest monastic rule in the Western Church. It was originally written for the community which he established in the grounds of the bishop's house at Hippo before becoming bishop there. Compared with other monastic rules, it is brief. But its precepts get to the very basis of community life.


Writings of St Augustine

St Augustine wrote books, letters and sermons, and the size of his literary output is astonishing. A contemporary Augustinian scholar estimates it as being equivalent to "approximately that of writing a 300-page printed book every year for almost 40 years."


His relevance for youth

In this engaging lecture, Rev. Theodore Tack, OSA, will present a cogent argument for why the life of Augustine is relevant today, including to young adults.


Augustine & Monica feast days


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