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A Religious Order is intended to facilitate apostolic activity amongst the people it serves and in the broader world more generally. Often an ideal way of doing this is to form groups with a special interest and focus. Accordingly, the osa in Australia promote and sustain the follow organisations.

Friends of St Augustine

The Friends of St Augustine (until mid-2012 known as Augustinian Friends) is an association for people in Australia who seek participation in spirituality, and in particular Augustinian spirituality within the Augustinian world family.


Augustinian Formation Association (AFA)

The Augustinian Formation Association (AFA) prays for and raises funds for the formation of current Augustinian candidates and for future Augustinian priests and brothers in the Australian Province of the Order.


Augustinian Volunteers Australia

In July 2006 the Australian Augustinians took steps to draw out of its previous social justice awareness a specific program that quickly came to be called Augustinian Volunteers Australia (AVA). Since then it has grown from strengh to strengh.


Australian Filipino Augustinian Solidarity

AFAS began in response to needs seen in the year 1992, and since that time has come to change the lives of people in both Australia and the Philippines. Here is its story….


OSA international youth encounters

Since 1987 the Order of Saint Augustine (OSA) has planned and sponsored international youth encounters as a further support to the Augustinian ministry to young adults that was flourishing locally in numerous parts of the world. The AYE idea caught on like a wildfire! As a result, many regional and national Augustinian initiatives for young adults have been greatly enhanced.


Asia Pacific Augustinian Conference

Within the Asia Pacific Augustinian Conference (APAC) we work with our brother and sister Augustinians throughout the Asia-Pacific region, not only with other members of our Order of St Augustine (OSA) but also with other Augustinian congregations and orders who follow the Rule of St Augustine after the same style as we do.


Augustinian NGO at the United Nations

The Order of St Augustine has NGO status at the United Nations, which allows it to have a voice at numerous UN committee meetings.


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