Australian Filipino Augustinian Solidarity

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AFAS began in response to needs seen in the year 1992, and since that time has come to change the lives of people in both Australia and the Philippines. Here is its story….

About Australian Filipino Augustinian Solidarity

AFAS was launched by Villanova College in 1992 when three teachers attended an APAC Convention in the Philippines. In a spirit of friendship and solidarity AFAS was formed.


AFAS in action


Villanova Red Candle Week 2016

Villanova College has developed an annual tradition of celebrating Red Candle Week as one particular awareness-building and fund-raising initiative for Christian Mission.


AFAS Elders lend a hand

AFAS Elders is an expansion of the regular AFAS for Villanova students.


AFAS 2017 Exchange

At Villanova College at Coorparoo in Brisbane, Australia, Villanova College conducted its most recent AFAS 2107 Exchange for fifteen days during the September term break.


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