Friends of St Augustine


The Friends of St Augustine (until mid-2012 known as Augustinian Friends) is an association for people in Australia who seek participation in spirituality, and in particular Augustinian spirituality within the Augustinian world family.

About the Friends

St Augustine of Hippo promoted personal and communal spirituality. He asks us to be attentive to our hearts where God dwells and to our community; by being of service to each other so as to contribute to the creation of a better society.


Friends’ national lay congresses

Friends of St Augustine (Australia), formerly called Augustinian Friends, has a well-developed practice of triennial national lay congresses. Thus far five congresses have happened in fifteen years.


Friends in India

The Augustinian International Lay Congress in Rome during mid-July 2012 inspired missionary initiative by Friends of St Augustine (Australia). A member of Friends in Australia, the indefatigable Sylvia Phillips, visited India to promote Augustinian lay spirituality.


A return visit to India

Sylvia of Friends of Augustine (Australia) wrote all that follows: Having visited India two years ago in 2012, and now returning to the same monastery in Aluva, was like coming home.


Friends and Cooktown

The Mareeba Parish group of the Friends of St Augustine has for the past ten years made an annual trek of a few days’ duration to Cooktown in order to honour its previous lengthy Augustinian connections.


St Augustine and friendship

This talk by the late Fr Michael Morahan O.S.A. of the Australian Province was given to Augustinian seminarians in Seoul, South Korea in 1993.


Friends' Prayer Resource Guide

Fr Paul Maloney O.S.A., Chaplain of the Friends of St Augustine, has prepared a Prayer Resource Guide regularly since the year 2003, and all of them are available here. Reflect on them at your leisure.


Progress in Friends of Augustine

The following is a report from the National Chaplain of Friends of St Augustine – Australia in July 2016.


More progress for Friends of St Augustine

On the weekend of 1-2 September 2018 the Friends of St Augustine held its annual leaders gathering at North Harbour Parish Priory in Manly Vale, Sydney, Australia.


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