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St Mary's Church in Cooktown before 1914.

The pages listed below give a timeline summary of the highlights of Augustinian history in Australia. Having arrived in 1838, the Augustinians are one of the religious orders with the greatest number of consecutive years of service in Australia.

OSA Timeline Australia

Since the first Augustinian arrival on the Australian continent in 1838, the Order has been part of Australian history. One of its priests was a convict chaplain at Port Arthur in Tasmania, two of them were associated with the Eureka Stockade both before and after the event, another supported St Mary Mother of the Cross MacKillop against the Bishop of Adelaide, while another attended the death of Ned Kelly and may have earlier been the one who baptised him. Approximately two hundred Augustinians have served in Australia.


180 years in Australia

Saturday 24th February 2018 marked the 180th anniversary of the continuous presence of the Order of St Augustine on the Australian continent.


Some notable Augustinians

It is always difficult to choose criterea for selcection those who are noteable. Of the approximately two hundred Augustinians who have served in Australia since the year 1838, a few have been chosen; many others could have been included.


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